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My family lives in Pennfield East off of Blue Barn Road in Upper Macungie Township.There is a line of mature pine trees that block the view from the back of the homes to Blue Barn Road to provide privacy.

At the meeting between Kay Builders, Lower Macungie Township and Pennfield East representatives, Kay Builders stated that they would not cut down the trees. Well, once again, Kay Builders demonstrates their lack of compassion or empathy for people and their lack of integrity to stand behind their word.

I would NEVER TRUST Kay Builders.They are all about their bottom line.

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Macungie, Pennsylvania, United States #1031703

When someone purchases a home that is contiguous to an undeveloped lot, there is a risk of the unknown.What will be built on the property?

When? In this case, Kay Builders has owned the commercial property mentioned herein for 15+ years and it has been zoned commercial and been open space all along. Recently, Kay Builders decided to move forward with developing the property with the least impact to the overall region; this is why we are developing it as an Personal Care Facility. This was not the only use that could be developed on the property, however it was one that minimized traffic and the impact to the area.

One of the things that Kay Builders endeavors to do is to respect the natural landscape including trees. Unfortunately, in this case, the route in which the electric had to be run to the property changed which necessitated the removal of trees on our property to accommodate the PPL power line. It is important to understand that these trees were on Kay Builders property and that we did not want to cut them down, however we were left with no choice but to do so.

As part of the municipal approvals, Kay Builders does have to plant an extensive landscaping buffer on all property lines that are contiguous to our land.This buffer is defined in the Upper Macungie Township code of ordinances and will grow to be a much nicer buffer than the trees that were unfortunately necessary to cut down.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1015726

I purchased a house from Crown in Grey Oaks Estates in Lexington, SC.We purchased our lot based on the promise that the wood line behind at the back of the lot was a protected wet land.

There were signs attached to the trees indicating a protected area. Shortly after we moved in, we came home from work and all the trees were cut down. As a result, I am filing a lawsuit against the agent and developer.

Crown's agent misrepresented the property.Don't buy a Crown home unless you can afford an attorney.

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