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Update by user Feb 23, 2017

Coming up on the end of Feb 2017 I am well into the process with another builder. The house is more expensive than the KAY build and I put $15k down so that blows away the KAY lies that I cannot afford the house itself or the down payment.

Kay is nothing but a bunch of liers and will go as far as make web site changes to cover up their BS

My recommendation is find a smaller builder.

The pricepoint is actually competative sine you get a lot ore for the money. The house I'm having built is larger and has more amenities.

Update by user Dec 23, 2016

This will never be a resolved issue

KAY is the same when trying toi resolve an issues as they were with BBB

Nothing but lies and fabrications and stands by them thinking they can get away with it

The BBB complaint will never be resolved and neither will this

Update by user Dec 01, 2016

Kay responded to the BBB complaint with a myriad of lies trying to slander my good faith yet pressure induced bargaining to get them to abide by their own advertised content.

About everything they stayed was either skewed or out right falsified.

They would have been better off taking the high road by simply sating we tried but failed to negotiate agreeable terms. It would still be a false presentation but better than out right lying and trying to paint me as a not financially capable of following through even though I have pre approval via their mortgage broker for well above the price line

Original review posted by user Nov 23, 2016

Kay builders breeches verbal agreements and false advertised.

Kay offered 15k in free options from the get go with no mention of contingencies or conditions. After going through the pick options process and some wheeling and dealing there were the options, lot chosen etc.. I talked to "THEIR" mortgage broker, he suggested going VA and asking for seller assist closing costs. That's when everything fell apart. 1st they said closing costs were on a case by case. When I paused they offered 2k. When I pointed out their website said Kay pays most closing costs for VA it got ugly. Suddenly I was being told I never mentioned I had a realtor (false), I never mentioned I was using VA and it was one or the other: closing costs or free options. Interesting since one was 15k and the other10k. They absolutely refused to acknowledge the free options and closing costs per their sales manage and their website were not intertwined. After a lot of ugly messing with the numbers to try and confuse me I backed off. A week later I made another offer. Linda didn't even acknowledge it and when she did after reaching out again she conveniently left out part of the offer. She did the same when my realtor tried to get it resolved (ignore then leave out pieces of the offer). I wrote the president and got the same treatment- Ignorance.

There is currently a complaint with the BB and the VA Construction

& Valuation Department citing breech of verbal contract and false advertising.

This reviewer shared experience and wants this business to have the product delivered as the author lost $8000. The author is overall dissatisfied with Kay Builders and uploaded a picture. The most disappointing about a product or service from Kay Builders was does not bargain in good faith, false advertising and changed website to hise false advertising , but reviewer liked affordable options. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

Also, you can continue reading comments about Kay Builders.

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Which builder did you wind up with?


Thank you for sharing your story. Unfortunately, we had a terrible encounter with Kay Builders, as well.

We had to file a lawsuit (my first ever!) for our deposit after THEY breached the terms of the "agreement", which was not even a signed contract. Kay Builders believes in "deep pocket" tactics and will bully you regardless of whether you are right. We agreed to settle out of court because we were advised that Rick Koze is relentless in fighting litigation and that we would spend far more in court fees and missed time from work than it was worth. If only he was as relentless in providing customer service.

Once he returned only half of our money, which was taken under false pretenses, we were still out another $1,000 in legal fees. Regardless, his attorney had the audacity to request we sign a confidentiality agreement. That was hysterical!!! My response was "Sure, as soon as you return the rest of our money!" We haven't heard from Kay Builders since my response.

We really need to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, in an effort to protect others. Thank you for sharing your story and good luck with your new house!

to Anonymous #1502566

You should file with the Attorney General and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau the one poster in here said.

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